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Merging industry specialization with global expertise, empowering sustainable, diverse, and cutting-edge distributed engineering solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

about the management team of who are trusted advisors to the CXOs
Innointel is a beacon in distributed engineering, weaving together software, embedded, and hardware solutions. Born from a vision to reshape engineering services, we blend technology and strategy, driving rapid feature delivery and enhanced productivity.
Together, let's redefine the engineering horizon

Tailored solutions for Automotive, Telecom, Healthcare, and Software, ensuring industry-aligned innovations.

Industry Specialization

Championing diversity with WoWe, empowering women in engineering to innovate, lead, and excel.

WoWE Initiative

Seamless engineering services from advisory to execution, ensuring holistic solutions for every challenge.

End-to-End Solutions

Pioneering green engineering practices for sustainable, eco-conscious tech solutions.


Stay ahead with our focus on AI, IoT, and modern tech, driving future-ready engineering solutions.


Harness the best of global insights with localized expertise for truly transformative engineering outcomes.

Global / Local


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With an impressive 35-year tenure in the IT realm, Dipankar stands as a beacon of executive leadership, deftly managing large-scale programs, P&L, and technology practices. His unerring focus on collaboration and customer-centricity has consistently driven success. At Innointel, Dipankar's vast experience guides our vision, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Dipankar Banerjee


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A seasoned leader with over 20 years of global experience, Ravi spearheads Innointel's Product Engineering Business, integrating innovative technology solutions. With a rich history in AI/ML, cybersecurity, and telecom, he's currently pioneering BOT models for automotive design. Ravi's expertise spans automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics, and more

Ravi Gupta


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An adept Business Head, Chandrasekhar boasts over 20 years of prowess in Online and Digital Sales, coupled with a deep-rooted understanding of HR-Technology and Media Advertisement Sales. His acumen in sculpting sales organizational structures and steering teams in VUCA settings positions him uniquely to drive complex business objectives. 

Chandrasekhar C L

Talent Partner

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Vijay brings a wealth of experience in driving profitability for global programs across sectors like healthcare, telecom, and technology. With a history of establishing and scaling global engineering and innovation hubs, he excels in fostering innovation ecosystems for top-tier tech entities. Specializing in product engineering and digital solutions, he complements Innointel's vision, 

Vijay Raman


Leadership Team

Redefine your engineering operations with the unparalleled advantages of distributed engineering. Dive deep into its transformative benefits and witness firsthand how it can elevate your projects to new horizons. Curious? Schedule a no-obligation briefing session with our experts today. Let's explore the potential together!

Discover the Power of Distributed Engineering
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