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Embedded Hardware Design Engineer

4-7 yrs



Bangalore, India

Experience in ECU Hardware Design for ePowertrain systems

Experience in Circuit Design and Analysis -excel/Mathcad, including analog and digital circuits

Know how to Utilize simulation tools like LTspice/Saber/Plecs
Prototype Development and Testing

Strong knowledge of electronic circuit design, analysis, and simulation tools.

Familiarity with automotive communication protocols (CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet) and automotive safety standards (ISO 26262).

Experience with microcontrollers, sensors, power management ICs, and other relevant electronic components, power supplies and gate drivers.

Primary Skills

Knowledge on FMEA and the associated tools like IQRM

Understanding of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal management principles would be advantage.

Desired Skills
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Component Selection: Identify and select appropriate components, including microcontrollers, sensors, power management ICs, communication interfaces, and other electronic components.

Evaluate component datasheets and conduct thorough analysis to ensure compatibility and reliability.

PCB Layout and Routing: Collaborate with PCB layout designers to create and review PCB layouts and routing for automotive ECUs. Optimize layouts for signal integrity, thermal management, manufacturability, and testability.

Work closely with cross-functional teams to build prototypes and perform hardware testing and validation. Develop test plans, execute tests, and analyze results to ensure performance and reliability of ECUs.

ECU Integration: Collaborate with software engineers to ensure seamless integration of hardware and software components. Support software development and validation efforts related to ECUs.

Design Documentation: Create and maintain detailed design documentation, including specifications, schematics, BOMs (Bill of Materials), design guidelines, and test procedures.

Quality and Compliance: Ensure hardware designs comply with automotive industry standards, regulations, and safety requirements. Support design reviews and participate in risk assessments.

Research and Innovation: Stay updated with the latest advancements in automotive hardware technologies, industry trends, and emerging standards. Explore innovative solutions to improve performance, efficiency, and reliability of ePowertrain ECUs.

Job Profile
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