Our Services

We provide services in the Digital space, primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence (NLP & Machine Learning), IoT, Analytics and NoSQL Technologies across CRM & other Business processes, leveraging Microsoft & IBM Platforms.


Use design thinking in working with your employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders in finalizing digital strategy


Rapid prototyping on an iterative basis to decide on the final end state with Proof of Concept and get buy in of stakeholders.


Aggressive roll-out of finalized plan across geographies and businesses, complete with analytics and reporting.


Ongoing sustenance with closed loop feedback from customers, incorporating changes in the agile mode.

Digital Transformation

Data to Insights

Leverage our expertise across AI, NoSQL databases and visualization tools to give you keen insights for decision making.

Enterprise Digitalization

We can assess, consult, provide options, select and implement Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Workday.

Cyber Security

We can assess your systems for vulnerability to penetration and intrusion and design your next generation apps.

Product Engineering


Networking, Mobile Devices, Network Security, Network Management, Cloud & Data center.

Embedded Systems

Semiconductors, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, IoT.

Digital Platforms

Social Media, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Machine Learning, Natural language processing, Cybersecurity.

Global In-house Centers

Engineering Design Centers

Set-up a fully compliant and operational Product Engineering Design Center in 100 days, complete with domain specific engineering and leadership team for delivering increased product feature velocity and enabling 24/7 global delivery process for a accelerated Time-to-Market.

Digital Innovation Centers

Set-up a fully compliant and operational Digital Innovation Center in 100 days, with a core team of digital leaders / agile experts for Rapid Prototyping, PoCs & small-scale trials enabling corporates to test, learn & deploy transformation initiatives that deliver business value.

Cognitive Computing COE

Set up a fully compliant and operational Cognitive Computing CoE in 100 days, complete with a core team of cognitive computing talent across NLP, Machine Learning, Data Mining, etc, coupled with our proprietary  cognitive insights platform – Innoneuron, for enabling disruptive digital solutions.

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