Instagram’s new tool uses machine learning to filter offensive comments : Instagram has rolled out a filter that takes advantage of machine learning technology to automatically filter out offensive or inappropriate comments from appearing in feed. Instagram says this will help in keeping the platform “a safe place for self-expression.” The Facebook-owned company admits the problem isn’t as easy to solve, given hundreds of millions of comments are made on its platform every day. However, only a small fraction of these are inappropriate.

“Instagram will now use advanced machine learning technology to detect and filter out those comments, so you never have to see them. This has already proved to be extremely effective in weeding out spam comments on Instagram,” said Kevin Systrom CEO and Co-founder, Instagram in a blog post.

Instagram’s new filter has been launched in English as of now, with support for more languages on the way. Apart from English, the tool will block certain offensive comments and a spam filter in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. It will also block inappropriate comments in live videos. For the rest of the comment, Instagram users will still have the option of reporting, deleting or turning them off in case they find them offensive.

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