For IT Professionals Big 3 Bring A New Reality On Salary : Keeping up to date with current job demands in the fast-changing IT job market is quite a challenge even for seasoned professionals. For college graduates beginning their career, the task can be nothing less than daunting as the skills required by employers and clients keep changing while automation in repetitive tasks is being increasingly adopted. According to an Analytics Vidhya report, companies will have a growing need for employees skilled in machine learning. Industry experts also predict that by 2020, servers would be running data analytics more than any other workload.

“Getting skilled in the big 3: Analytics, Big Data, and Machine Learning can get you hired at an incredible pay package,” the report said, adding that freshers in analytics are paid well above other industries, with an average pay package of Rs. 6.4 lakh per annum,” Analytics Vidhya a forum of analytics professionals in India. said.

A fresher’s starting salary can be influenced not only by his or her field of specialisation but also the geographical location of the job.

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