Digital Transformation

The Innointel team can consult on your digital transformation initiative across functional areas, use our proprietary discore to rank your application, develop the roadmap and rollout across businesses and geographies.

Product Engineering

Enabling Product companies increase the idea to market velocity for digital platforms that touch the physical world through design thinking and agile delivery processes.

Global in-house Centers

A Global In-house Center (GIC) Life-Cycle Support Platform providing end-to-end support for Global Technology In-house Centers in their journey through Set-up, Operations, Transformation and Monetization.

Industry Focus


Health Analytics Solution leveraging NLP, Machine Learning and NoSQL database for consolidating healthcare data from multiple sources and deriving insights for better healthcare outcomes and reduced cost of care.


With our experience in the R&D and Engineering space, we can enable your digital transformation and the integration of digital and physical with our understanding in the IoE (Internet of Everything) and AI areas.

Financial Services

Our 200 person year leadership team experience gives us the ability to comprehend, assess and provide insights on how to digitalize your journey and enable the transformation with the right tools and technologies.

Key Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Having implemented AI including ML and NLP in our core platform, we have the ability to help you design, develop and implement cognitive systems for your enterprise.

Data Sciences

Be it your enterprise ecosystem, your HR, Finance, Supply chain or CRM, we can enable you to leverage Big Data, NoSQL and AI to maximize your revenues or optimize your back office.

Devices & IoT

Leverage our cognitive IOT platform and our consulting expertise in embedded as well as application development to design, build, integrate and roll out your product strategy.

Enterprise Platforms

We can assess, consult, migrate your current business processes to cloud, and implement Enterprise platforms including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Workday.


Enhance your Customer’s digital experience with solutions leveraging NoSQL platforms like Neo4j, Cassandra, MongoDB etc. Our relationships with  leading NoSQL providers gives you the edge.


Our significant investments in the Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics, Sharepoint, Azure and .NET helps us to transform your enterprise journey with the world leader.

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