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Connect the dots in disparate data sets to discover the hidden Insights.

At Innointel, we specialize in automating the sourcing, curating, analyzing and visualization of your different data sets – both structured and unstructured. With our technology, you can easily discover patterns across your data elements.
The source of the map used for reference:hhttp://www.evl.uic.edu/pape/data/Earth/. Drawing in Adobe Illustrator.The date file was created: 15.06.2011. Internet concept. Social network communication in the global computer networks. File is saved in AI10 EPS version. This illustration contains a transparency

Curate & Enrich

We monitor Business Signals across your Ecosystem through a multitude of information sources. Using Artificial Intelligence, we curate and classify these Business Signals into a graph database to connect and build an insight repository for easy analysis.

Analyse & Visualize

Our proprietary algorithms analyze the information to derive insights from the connected data sets. Our graph database then enables the discovery of new insights by providing a simple, intuitive visualization of your data.

Recognize Patterns

Machine learning algorithms and associated predictive models enables automated pattern recognition. With the automatic analysis of leading indicators and key buying signals, you can stay ahead of the curve allowing you to make more competitive decisions.


Innointel’s platform aims to maximize automation and minimize manual intervention so that you can focus on making the decisions that impact your business while still being up to date on the events in your ecosystem. To allow this, we leverage the power of NLP, cognitive technologies, machine learning, and a graph database.
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Our solution to automating insights can be applied across a myriad of industries. We have also designed solutions to cater to Enterprise Business Functions – covering Talent, Sales, Marketing and Corporate Development.

Health Care Solutions

Finance Solutions

Retail Solutions

Innovation Intelligence

Sales and Marketing

Talent Acquire and Manage

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At Innointel, we provide a host of services that range from setting up platforms and delivering analytics to setting up a fully compliant and operational Digital Innovation Center that is personalized to serve the needs of your business.
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